Title: Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well / Edition 1, Author: Pellegrino Artusi
Title: Mafia Movies: A Reader, Second Edition, Author: Dana Renga
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Title: Introducing Archaeology, Third Edition, Author: Robert Muckle
Title: The Decameron First Day in Perspective / Edition 2, Author: Elissa B. Weaver
Title: Retrospective Prophecy and Medieval English Authorship, Author: Kimberly Fonzo Pre-Order Now
Title: Light in Dark Times: The Human Search for Meaning, Author: Alisse Waterston
Title: Painting Stories: Lives and Legacies from an Indian Crafts Village, Author: Helle Bundgaard
Title: Come Back for Me, Author: Sharon Hart-Green
Title: Four Ages Of Understanding, Author: John Deely
Title: Modern Japanese Haiku: An Anthology, Author: Makoto Ueda
Title: Top Secret Canada: Understanding the Canadian Intelligence and National Security Community, Author: Stephanie Carvin
Title: The Archaeology of the Atlantic Northeast, Author: Matthew Betts
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Title: Ukraine and Europe: Cultural Encounters and Negotiations, Author: Giovanna Brogi Bercoff
Title: Reading History, Author: Michael Burger
Title: The Chronology of Revolution: Communism, Culture, and Civil Society in Twentieth-Century Britain, Author: Ben Harker
Title: The Institutions of Human Rights: Developments and Practices, Author: Gordon DiGiacomo
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Title: Canadian Parties in Transition, Third Edition, Author: Alain G. Gagnon
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Title: European Magic and Witchcraft: A Reader, Author: Martha Rampton
Title: Yiddish: A Survey and a Grammar, Second Edition, Author: S.A. Birnbaum
Title: The Democratic Imagination: Envisioning Popular Power in the Twenty-First Century, Author: James Cairns

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