Title: The Good Country: A History of the American Midwest, 1800-1900, Author: Jon K. Lauck
Title: Jim Bridger: Trailblazer of the American West, Author: Jerry Enzler
Title: We Pointed Them North: Recollections of a Cowpuncher, Author: E.C.
Title: Custer Died for Your Sins: An Indian Manifesto, Author: Vine Deloria Jr.
Title: Whose Names Are Unknown: A Novel, Author: Sanora Babb
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Title: The Life and Legacy of Annie Oakley, Author: Glenda Riley
Title: Pipestone: My Life in an Indian Boarding School, Author: Adam Fortunate Eagle
Title: Whose Names Are Unknown: A Novel, Author: Sanora Babb
Title: In the Midst of Radicalism: Mexican American Moderates during the Chicano Movement, 1960-1978, Author: Guadalupe San Miguel Jr.
Title: Restoring the Shining Waters: Superfund Success at Milltown, Montana, Author: David Brooks Ph.D
Title: The Sacred Pipe: Black Elk's Account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux, Author: Black Elk
Title: Bat Masterson: The Man and the Legend, Author: Robert K. DeArment
Title: Ojibwa Warrior: Dennis Banks and the Rise of the American Indian Movement, Author: Dennis Banks
Title: Custer, Cody, and Grand Duke Alexis: Historical Archaeology of the Royal Buffalo Hunt, Author: Douglas D. Scott
Title: Tony Hillerman: A Life, Author: James McGrath Morris
Title: Pathfinder: John Charles Frémont and the Course of American Empire, Author: Tom Chaffin
Title: Tulsa, 1921: Reporting a Massacre, Author: Randy Krehbiel
Title: The Buffalo Soldiers: A Narrative of the Black Cavalry in the West, Revised Edition, Author: William H. Leckie
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Title: Charles Goodnight: Cowman and Plainsman, Author: J. Evetts Haley
Title: Alaska: A History, Author: Claus M. Naske

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