Title: Delaware Naturalist Handbook, Author: McKay Jenkins
Title: The Experimental Plays of Harold Pinter, Author: Hanna Scolnicov
Title: Votes for Delaware Women, Author: Anne M. Boylan
Title: Love's Pilgrimage, Author: Grace Tiffany
NOOK Book $32.99 $43.50 Current price is $32.99, Original price is $43.50.
Title: Doctors of Another Calling: Physicians Who Are Known Best in Fields Other than Medicine, Author: James E. Bailey
Title: H.C. Westermann at War: Art and Manhood in Cold War America, Author: David McCarthy
Title: A Revolution Almost Beyond Expression, Author: Jocelyn Harris
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Title: Death Row Letters, Author: Charles Leslie
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Title: Reading What's There: Essays on Shakespeare in Honor of Stephen Booth, Author: Michael J. Collins
Title: To Provide For The General Welfare: A History of the Federal Spending Power, Author: Theodore Sky
Title: A Richard Selzer Reader: Blood and Ink, Author: Kevin Kerrane
Title: Staging Shakespeare: Essays in Honor of Alan C. Dessen, Author: Lena Cowen Orlin
Title: Sociable Criticism In England 1625-1725, Author: Paul Trolander
Title: New Alliances In Joyce Studies: When Its Aped to Foul a Dephian, Author: Bonnie Kime Scott
Title: The Aesthetic Body: Passion, Sensibility, and Corporeality in Seventeenth-Century France, Author: Erec R. Koch
Title: Byron, The Bible, And Religion: Essays from the Twelfth International Byron Seminar, Author: Wolf Z. Hirst
Title: Women And Literary History: For There She Was, Author: Katherine Binhammer
Title: John Dryden 1631-1700: His Politics, His Plays, and His Poets, Author: Claude Rawson
Title: Renaissance Historicisms: Essays in Honor of Arthur F. Kinney, Author: James M. Dutcher
Title: Washed by the Gulf Stream: The Historic and Geographic Relation of Irish and Caribbean Literature, Author: Maria McGarrity

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