Title: Salonnières, Furies, and Fairies, revised edition: The Politics of Gender and Cultural Change in Absolutist France, Author: Anne E. Duggan
Title: Design and Historic Preservation: The Challenge of Compatability, Author: David L. Ames
Title: Victorine du Pont: The Force behind the Family, Author: Leonard C. Spitale
Title: Octave Mirbeau's Fictions of the Transcendental, Author: Robert Ziegler
Title: A Revolution Almost Beyond Expression, Author: Jocelyn Harris
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Title: William T. Vollmann: A Critical Companion, Author: Daniel Lukes
Title: Delaware Naturalist Handbook, Author: McKay Jenkins
Title: The Genres of Gulliver's Travels, Author: Hester Lynch Piozzi
Title: Design & Thermal Performance: Below-Ground Dwellings in China, Author: Gideon Golany
Title: Jonathan Swift and the Arts, Author: Joseph McMinn
Title: Factions' Fiction: Ideological Closure in Swift's Satire, Author: Daniel Eilon
Title: Defoe and the Whig Novel: A Reading of the Major Fiction, Author: Leon Guilhamet
Title: Notes and Remembrances, 1871-1872, Author: Ludovic Halevy
Title: Subjects On The World'S Stage: Essays on British Literature of the Middle Ages and the Renaissqance, Author: David G. Allen
Title: Pynchon's Against the Day: A Corrupted Pilgrim's Guide, Author: Jeffrey Severs
Title: On Second Thought: Updating the Eighteenth-Century Text, Author: Debra Taylor Bourdeau
Title: Caricature Unmasked, Author: Amelia Rauser
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Title: Constructions of Smollett: A Study of Genre and Gender, Author: John Skinner
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Title: Gender, Interpretation, and Political Rule in Sidney's Arcadia, Author: Kathryn DeZur
Title: Grant Wood's Secrets, Author: Sue Taylor

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