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Title: Art and Artifact in Austen, Author: Anna Battigelli
Title: Delaware Naturalist Handbook, Author: McKay Jenkins
Title: Black Celebrity: Contemporary Representations of Postbellum Athletes and Artists, Author: Emily Ruth Rutter
Title: Celebrity Across the Channel, 1750-1850, Author: Anaïs Pédron
Title: Making Stars: Biography and Celebrity in Eighteenth-Century Britain, Author: Nora Nachumi
Title: George Washington And The Jews, Author: Fritz Hirschfeld
Title: Portraiture and Friendship in Enlightenment France, Author: Jessica Fripp
Title: A Delaware Album, 1900-1930, Author: George David Miller
Title: Apparition of Splendor: Marianne Moore Performing Democracy through Celebrity, 1952-1970, Author: Elizabeth Gregory
Title: Votes for Delaware Women, Author: Anne M. Boylan
Title: Of Memory and Literary Form: Making the Early Modern English Nation, Author: Kyle Pivetti
Title: Salonnières, Furies, and Fairies, revised edition: The Politics of Gender and Cultural Change in Absolutist France, Author: Anne E. Duggan
Title: William T. Vollmann: A Critical Companion, Author: Christopher K. Coffman
Title: The Leslie A. Marchand Memorial Lectures, 2000-2015: A Legacy in Byron Studies, Author: Katherine Kernberger
Title: Symbolic Design Of Windsor Forest: Iconography, Pageant, and Prophecy in Pope's Early Work, Author: Pat Rogers
Title: Octave Mirbeau's Fictions of the Transcendental, Author: Robert Ziegler
Title: Comparative Essays on the Poetry and Prose of John Donne and George Herbert: Combined Lights, Author: Russell M. Hillier
Title: French Renaissance and Baroque Drama: Text, Performance, Theory, Author: Michael Meere
Title: Two Different Worlds: Christian Absolutes and the Relativism of Social Science, Author: Charles E. Garrison
Title: Marginalities: Diamela Eltit and the Subversion of Mainstream Literature in Chile, Author: Gisela Norat

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