Title: Dear Bob . . .: Bob Hope's Wartime Correspondence with the G.I.s of World War II, Author: Martha Bolton
Title: They Called Us River Rats: The Last Batture Settlement of New Orleans, Author: Macon Fry
Title: The Speeches of Fannie Lou Hamer: To Tell It Like It Is, Author: Maegan Parker Brooks
Title: The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader: The Great Truth about the Lost Cause, Author: James W. Loewen
Title: The Brothers Mankiewicz: Hope, Heartbreak, and Hollywood Classics, Author: Sydney Ladensohn Stern
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Title: Dictionary of Louisiana French: As Spoken in Cajun, Creole, and American Indian Communities, Author: Albert Valdman
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Title: Anatomy of Four Race Riots: Racial Conflict in Knoxville, Elaine (Arkansas), Tulsa, and Chicago, 1919-1921, Author: Lee E. Williams II
Title: Brother to a Dragonfly, Author: Will D. Campbell
Title: Boys Love Manga and Beyond: History, Culture, and Community in Japan, Author: Mark McLelland
Title: Maverick Gardeners: Dr. Dirt and Other Determined Independent Gardeners, Author: Felder Rushing
Title: A Cosmos of My Own: Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha, 1980, Author: Doreen Fowler
Title: Lost Plantations of the South, Author: Marc R. Matrana
Title: Inherit the Land: Jim Crow Meets Miss Maggie's Will, Author: Gene Stowe
Title: Deep South Dispatch: Memoir of a Civil Rights Journalist, Author: John N Herbers
Title: The House at the End of the Road: The Story of Three Generations of an Interracial Family in the American South, Author: W. Ralph Eubanks
Title: A New History of Mississippi, Author: Dennis J. Mitchell
NOOK Book $18.99 $25.00 Current price is $18.99, Original price is $25.00.
Title: Scotty and Elvis: Aboard the Mystery Train, Author: Scotty Moore
Title: Reconsidering Laura Ingalls Wilder: Little House and Beyond, Author: Miranda A. Green-Barteet
Title: Elvis and Gladys, Author: Elaine Dundy
Title: Race, Reform, and Rebellion: The Second Reconstruction and Beyond in Black America, 1945-2006, Third Edition / Edition 3, Author: Manning Marable

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