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Title: Drinking from Graveyard Wells: Stories, Author: Yvette Lisa Ndlovu Pre-Order Now
Title: Olivia de Havilland: Lady Triumphant, Author: Victoria Amador
Title: The Banking Crisis of 1933, Author: Susan Estabrook Kennedy
Title: A Front Row Seat: An Intimate Look at Broadway, Hollywood, and the Age of Glamour, Author: Nancy Olson Livingston
Title: Just a Few Miles South: Timeless Recipes from Our Favorite Places, Author: Ouita Michel
Title: Generals of the Army: Marshall, MacArthur, Eisenhower, Arnold, Bradley, Author: James H. Willbanks
Title: Vietnam Declassified: The CIA and Counterinsurgency, Author: Thomas L. Ahern Jr.
Title: The South and the New Deal, Author: Roger Biles
Title: Traces: A Novel, Author: Patricia L. Hudson
Title: Tales from Kentucky One-Room School Teachers, Author: William Lynwood Montell
Title: Shantyboat: A River Way of Life, Author: Harlan Hubbard
Title: Lawrence Tierney: Hollywood's Real-Life Tough Guy, Author: Burt Kearns
Title: Under the Bombs: The German Home Front, 1942-1945, Author: Earl Ray Beck
Title: Hedy Lamarr: The Most Beautiful Woman in Film, Author: Ruth Barton
Title: The Telltale Lilac Bush and Other West Virginia Ghost Tales, Author: Ruth Ann Musick
Title: Even As We Breathe: A Novel, Author: Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle
Title: Half-Life of a Secret: Reckoning with a Hidden History, Author: Emily Strasser Pre-Order Now
Title: Detecting Forgery: Forensic Investigation of Documents, Author: Joe Nickell
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Title: Phyllis George: Shattering the Ceiling, Author: Paul Volponi
Title: Landaluce: The Story of Seattle Slew's First Champion, Author: Mary Perdue

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