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Title: Kentucky Basketball: Two Decades Behind the Scenes, Author: Tom Leach
Title: Bees in America: How the Honey Bee Shaped a Nation, Author: Tammy Horn
Title: Appalachian Elegy: Poetry and Place, Author: bell hooks
Title: Even As We Breathe: A Novel, Author: Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle
Title: Kentucky Bourbon: The Early Years of Whiskeymaking, Author: Henry G. Crowgey
Title: Drowned Town, Author: Jayne Moore Waldrop
Title: The Blue Ribbon Cook Book, Author: Jennie C. Benedict
Paperback $14.99 $16.95 Current price is $14.99, Original price is $16.95.
Title: The Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Book, Author: Joy Perrine
Title: The Social History of Bourbon, Author: Gerald Carson
Title: Beetle: The Life of General Walter Bedell Smith, Author: D.K.R. Crosswell
Title: We'll Always Have the Movies: American Cinema During World War II, Author: Robert L. McLaughlin
NOOK Book $13.49 $17.99 Current price is $13.49, Original price is $17.99.
Title: Behind Japanese Lines: An American Guerrilla in the Philippines, Author: Ray C. Hunt
Title: Just a Few Miles South: Timeless Recipes from Our Favorite Places, Author: Ouita Michel
Title: Cassius Marcellus Clay: Firebrand of Freedom, Author: H. Edward Richardson
NOOK Book $10.99 $12.95 Current price is $10.99, Original price is $12.95.
Title: Duncan Hines: How a Traveling Salesman Became the Most Trusted Name in Food, Author: Louis Hatchett
Title: The Trial: The Assassination of President Lincoln and the Trial of the Conspirators, Author: Edward Steers Jr.
Title: The Kentucky Derby: How the Run for the Roses Became America's Premier Sporting Event, Author: James C. Nicholson
Paperback $17.95 $19.95 Current price is $17.95, Original price is $19.95.
Title: A Concise History of Kentucky, Author: James C. Klotter
Title: What Ever Happened to Orson Welles?: A Portrait of an Independent Career, Author: Joseph McBride
Title: Bruce Dern: A Memoir, Author: Bruce Dern

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