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Title: My Place in the Sun: Life in the Golden Age of Hollywood and Washington, Author: George Stevens Jr.
Title: Privileged and Confidential: The Secret History of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board, Author: Kenneth Michael Absher
Title: We'll Always Have the Movies: American Cinema During World War II, Author: Robert L. McLaughlin
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Title: Pola Negri: Hollywood's First Femme Fatale, Author: Mariusz Kotowski
Title: Behind Japanese Lines: An American Guerrilla in the Philippines, Author: Ray C. Hunt
Title: How We Talked and Common Folks, Author: Verna Mae Slone
Title: Kentucky Basketball: Two Decades Behind the Scenes, Author: Tom Leach
Title: Albert Sidney Johnston: Soldier of Three Republics / Edition 2, Author: Charles P. Roland
Title: Executive Secrets: Covert Action & the Presidency, Author: William J. Daugherty
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Title: The Fall of Kentucky's Rock: Western Kentucky Democratic Politics since the New Deal, Author: George G. Humphreys
Title: Mellencamp: American Troubadour, Author: David Masciotra
Title: We Will Win The Day: The Civil Rights Movement, the Black Athlete, and the Quest for Equality, Author: Louis Moore
Title: Appalachian Elegy: Poetry and Place, Author: bell hooks
Title: Drowned Town, Author: Jayne Moore Waldrop
Title: Wide Neighborhoods: A Story of the Frontier Nursing Service, Author: Mary Breckinridge
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Title: A Concise History of Kentucky, Author: James C. Klotter
Title: The USS Flier: Death and Survival on a World War II Submarine, Author: Michael Sturma
Title: The Civil War on the Mississippi: Union Sailors, Gunboat Captains, and the Campaign to Control the River, Author: Barbara Brooks Tomblin
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Title: Even As We Breathe: A Novel, Author: Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle
Title: Smokescreen: Debunking Wildfire Myths to Save Our Forests and Our Climate, Author: Chad T. Hanson

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