Title: The Discovery of Discovery, Author: Harold M. Kaplan
Title: Organizational Behavior: The Challenges of New Millennium, Author: Meshack Mairura Sagini
Title: The Development of the System of Representation in Yugoslavia with Special Reference to the Period Since 1974, Author: George A. Potts
Title: Friend and Foe, Author: Frederick John Harris
Title: To Market, to Market: Reinventing Indianapolis, Author: Ingrid Ritchie
Title: The Contemporary Shakespeare: Hamlet, Julius Caesar, The Merchant of Venice, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo and Juliet, and The Tempest, Author: A. L. Rowse
Title: Defending the Old Dominion: Virginia and Its Militia in the War of 1812, Author: Stuart L. Butler
Title: The History of Freemasonry in Virginia, Author: Richard Rutyna
Title: The U. S. Role in the Asian Century: A Panel of Experts Looks at National Interest in the New Environment, Author: Sol Sanders
Title: 'We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident...': An Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Roots of Racism and Slavery in America, Author: Kenneth N. Addison
Title: Selected Models of Developmental Education Programs in Higher Education, Author: Vernon L. Farmer
Title: Inside the Cold War From Marx to Reagan: An Unprecedented Guide to the Roots, History, Strategies, and Key Documents of the Cold War, Author: Sven F. Kraemer
Title: Handbook of Diversity Management: Beyond Awareness to Competency Based Learning / Edition 1, Author: Deborah L. Plummer
Title: Messiah: My Testimony to Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Author: Bo Hi Pak
Title: The Preservation of History in Fairfax County, Virginia: A Report Prepared for the Fairfax County History Commission, Fairfax County, Virginia, 2001, Author: Ross Netherton
Title: The Uses and Abuses of Knowledge: Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Scholars' Conference on the Holocaust and the German Church Struggle, Author: Henry F. Knight
Title: The Generation: Ethiopa Transformation and Conflict: The History of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party, Author: Kiflu Tadesse
Title: Oil, Democracy and the Promise of True Federalism in Nigeria, Author: Augustine A. Ikein
Title: The Science of Human Diversity: A History of the Pioneer Fund, Author: Richard Lynn
Title: Jacob Frank: The End to the Sabbatain Heresy, Author: Alexandr Kraushar

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