Title: Profiles of Eleven, Author: Melech Epstein
Title: Modern Science 1700-1900 / Edition 3, Author: Leslie Pearce Williams
Title: Syntax of New Testament Greek / Edition 1, Author: James A. Brooks
Title: Perspectives on God: Sociological, Theological and Philosophical, Author: Gerald Kreyche
Title: A Manual of Akkadian, Author: David Marcus
Title: Renaissance, Reformation, and Absolutism 1400-1600, Author: John Barnes
Title: Sex, Sin, and Grace: Women's Experience and the Theologies of Reinhold Niebuhr and Paul Tillich, Author: Judith Plaskow
Title: Religiousness in Yoga: Lectures on Theory and Practice, Author: T. K.V. Desikachar
Title: Law and Society: An Interdisciplinary Introduction, Author: Lee S. Weinberg
Title: What is Science?: An Introduction to the Structure and Methodology of Science, Author: James V. Mannoia
Title: Nationalism, Industrialization, and Democracy 1815-1914 / Edition 3, Author: Thomas Garden Barnes
Title: Evaluating Educational Research / Edition 1, Author: Gordon Edward Fuchs
Title: Freedom, Justice and the State, Author: Ronald H. Nash
Title: Existential Phenomenology and the World of Ordinary Experience: An Introduction, Author: Paul T. Brockelman
Title: Introduction to Historical Linguistics / Edition 1, Author: Anthony Arlotto
Title: The Concept of State and Law in Islam, Author: Farooq Hassan
Title: The African in Latin America, Author: Ann M. Pescatello
Title: A Manual of Babylonian Jewish Aramaic, Author: David Marcus
Title: Le Francais Litteraire Fondamental: A Glossary for Students and Teachers / Edition 1, Author: Virginia T. Hules
Title: Natural Law in Political Thought / Edition 1, Author: Paul E. Sigmund

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