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Title: The Diary of a Forty-Niner, Author: Chauncey Canfield
Title: The Acrobat, Author: Edward J. Delaney
Title: A Line of Driftwood: The Ada Blackjack Story, Author: Diane Glancy
Title: The Marble Bed, Author: Grace Schulman
Title: Droll Tales, Author: Iris Smyles
Title: All the Beauty Still Left: A Poet's Painted Book of Hours, Author: Spencer Reece
Title: Divining Poets: Yeats: A Quotable Deck from Turtle Point Press, Author: William Butler Yeats
Title: Lost Splendor: The Amazing Memoirs of the Man Who Killed Rasputin, Author: Prince Felix Youssoupoff
Title: In the Blind, Author: Eugene Marten
Title: Divining Poets: Clifton: A Quotable Deck from Turtle Point Press, Author: Lucille Clifton
Title: The Story I Am: Mad About the Writing Life, Author: Roger Rosenblatt
Title: Divining Poets: Rumi: A Quotable Deck from Turtle Point Press, Author: Rumi
Title: Reading Writing, Author: Julien Gracq
Title: Again, the Dawn: New and Selected Poems, 1976 - 2022, Author: Grace Schulman
Title: Stella Maris: And Other Key West Stories, Author: Michael Carroll
Title: Joan of Arc: In Her Own Words, Author: Joan of Arc
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Title: The Dead of the House, Author: Hannah Green
Title: Stalking the Soul, Author: Marie-France Hirigoyen
Title: The Letters of James Schuyler to Frank O'Hara, Author: James Schuyler
Title: Marcel Proust - An English Tribute, Author: C. K. Scott-Moncrieff

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