Title: The Barn: An Extraordinary True Story, Author: David Hill
Title: You Didn't Miss It!: God's Best is Worth the Wait, Author: Wendy Griffith
Title: How She Found Her ROAR!, Author: L. M. Hernandez
Title: H.E.R.O. of Faith: Inspiration From Real Heroes in Hebrews 11, Author: JoAnna R. Stabley
Title: You Are SO Loved: Unfailing, Faithful Love, Author: Natalie James
Title: My Life at Halliburton, Author: Pat Haffey
Title: The Scarlet Thread, Author: Mary Jane Donaldson
Title: From the Dark to the Light: The Story Behind
Title: How to Just Give It to God: Practical Advice to Help You Lean Into God's Grace, Author: Jodi Sixkiller Keith
Title: Finding the Pieces, Author: Kimberly S. Whitaker
Title: When Faith Comes to Town: How Broken Became Unbreakable, Author: Jerry Essary Jr.
Title: In the Image of the Gardener: A Sequel to the Coordinates of Time, Treasure, and Truth, Author: Arlene DeMar
Title: Little Joe, Author: Angela Bentley McVicker
Title: Remembering Grandma's Precious Pearls of Wisdom, Author: Dr. Constance McMillan
Title: Anna's Woolen Cap of Many Colors, Author: Shirley J. Christenson
Title: Poor Girl, Rich Life: Discover His Plan to Prosper You, Author: Romona Robinson
Title: The Power of Pause: Still Waiting to Live in a World Full of Possibilities, Author: Ethel M. Gardner
Title: The Beauty of Jesus: Calling a Generation into Radical Devotion, Author: Joma Okwumabua Short
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Title: Adventuring with God: Saying Yes to Jesus and His Mission, Author: Tim Mengler
Title: Divine Encryption, Author: Harold D. Jackson

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