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Title: Anna's Woolen Cap of Many Colors, Author: Shirley J. Christenson
Title: Father Gives & Takes Away: The Journey Home, Author: Jean Stephens Pre-Order Now
Title: The Invisible White Man, Author: Marsha McCormick
Title: Nathaniel's Adventures: Nine Months-No Wonder the Angels Rejoiced, Author: Scott Cumbee Pre-Order Now
Title: Shattered, Stirred and Shaken: Living the Book of Acts: My Journey from Here to There, Author: Michele McCarthy
Title: The Dragon Lectures, Author: Gene Tanner Pre-Order Now
Title: Better Off Happy: Overcoming Addiction, Author: Kaci Shepherd
Title: Becoming Yourself: The Purpose of a Man, Author: Junior Anthony Baker
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Title: NFL Plantation Rules: Knowing Your Creator, Author: Gail Milon Pre-Order Now
Title: My Lion Protects Me, Author: Brittany D. Green
Title: Off the Record, Author: Shamonica Becks
Title: Powerful Peace: How the peace of Christ can help you achieve God's best for your life and your relationships, Author: Greg Fletcher
Title: Letters of Encouragement, Author: Janeen Stoffregen
Title: A Winner's Faith: Faith's Role in Establishing Your Heart to Receive from God, Author: Takieya J Jones
Title: Love Notes from Heaven: Living in the Whisper of God, Author: Cynthia Hightower
Title: Falling Forward: A Girl's Journey From The Ugly Cry To The Crown Of Life, Author: Andrea Hernandez
Title: No Ordinary Prey, Author: Nelson Naicker
Title: The Supernatural Journey of Jill Foster, Author: Jill Foster
Title: Soulful Meditations: Contemporary Parables for Victorious Living, Author: Allen J. Shuler
Title: A Portrait of Grief: Hope and healing after the loss of a child, Author: Cheryl Christopher

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