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Title: The Bible: Can We Rely On It?: Did God Get It Right The First Time?, Author: David Wold
Title: God's Truth About America!, Author: Mist Carter
Title: Hung by Your Tongue: Words Have Power, Author: Patricia Pope-Jackson
Title: Common Enemy: The Common Battle for All Public Servants, Author: Israel Rodriguez
Title: Psalm 23: 23 Devotional Messages to Lead You to the Blessings of Salvation, Overflow, and Eternal Life, Author: Ricky Branham Pre-Order Now
Title: Mortar Matters: Jesus' encounters with nine unnamed women, Author: Jan W. Brown
Title: The Narrative of The Life of Theresa: A Memoir of Marriage, Author: Jacqueline Little
Title: Churtched, Author: Tiffani Cabrera Pre-Order Now
Title: Much Like Joseph: From Pit to Glory, Author: Desire Nana
Title: Beyond a Shadow of Doubt: Dynamic Miracle Short Stories, Author: Candi Staton
Title: Don't Be A Baby, Author: Eleanor Kosinski
Title: When God Calls You To Recovery: Using The Lord's Strength To Break And Destroy Addiction, Author: Lanier T. Northrup
Title: Tribes: Revelation on People Groups from Inside American Prison, Author: Zach White
Title: Chronicles of the Kingdom: Book 1 The Invitation, Author: Dianne Joy
Title: #NEVERHOMELESS: A Manual for Homeless Ministry, Author: Alex Fleming
Title: My Life in a Nutshell: God Handpicked Me, Author: Diana Hibbler
Title: Set Apart, Not Aside: Finding your identity through who Christ says you are, not what the world says you're not., Author: Danielle Axelrod
Title: Dead Last: The Triumph of Character, Passion, and Teamwork in Education, Author: Stephen Wallis
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Title: Joy in the Valley, Author: Alex D. Scottlynn Pre-Order Now
Title: Who Am I?, Author: Ruth Pettengill James

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