Title: I Am in the Middle, Author: Jolene Meyer
Title: Anna's Woolen Cap of Many Colors, Author: Shirley J. Christenson
Title: Three Brother Pups, Author: Catherine Regan Washek
Title: Who I Am in Christ, Author: Odessa Coleman
Title: Christopher Omega: A Brave Soldier for God, Author: Faye Hunter
Title: The Stairway to Heaven: Vivian and Max Discover the Way to Heaven, Author: Victoria M Howard
Title: No Matter Who You Are, Author: Viviane Dasilva
Title: Princess Poodle, Author: Gabrielle Langley
Title: Other Famous African Americans, Author: Loren E Brereton
Title: Star of Wonder: A Hide and Seek Story, Author: Nancy Ladd
Title: The Christmas Bunny, Author: Carol Lee Riekenberg
Title: Bear's Adventures in Muse Hollow: The Stars Sang Together!, Author: Barry Haney
Title: Love Protects: The Armor of God, Author: Ruth Ella Wilson
Title: The Adventures of Henry Lee Bear, Author: Dayna Muldoon
Title: To Be or Knot To Be, Author: Melanie Burgess
Title: Granny and Papa: A Teenie Tale, Author: Tina Hammon
Title: The Christmas Kindness Game, Author: CJ FitzKins
Title: Growing Up Sassafras: Where is My Daddy, Author: Denise Harvey
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Title: I'm Happy Being Me: Children's Poems and Prayers, Author: Cecelia Holloway
Title: Rainbow Slicky Slide, Author: Art Osborne

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