Title: A Timeless Trek into the Spirit: Spirited Poetry Collection, Author: Kyra Ziel
Title: Share My World Through Poems: How I Made it Through, Author: Evelyn T Gillard
Title: The Wild Yonder: A Collection of Poems by K.B. Nam, Author: K.B. Nam
Title: The Gift of Poetry: Inspirational, Author: Sarah A Bell
Title: The Book of Praise, Author: Derwin Boyd
Title: Non-Denominational: Poetry in Christ, Author: Jay Carr
Title: River of Love: Poems, Prayers and Promises, Author: Jennifer Craig Naglieri
Title: Walking With Him, Author: John Wager
Title: Transformational Grace, Author: Sandra Hadland
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Title: Jesus By Another Name is Love: A Collection of Songs and Poetry, Author: Larry L Lambert