Title: Secrets I Gotta Know!: A Teen's Guide Through the Parables of Jesus, Author: David N. Washburn
Title: The Kind: Awakened, Author: J A Manier
Title: Fish Fry, Author: Jill Watson Glassco
Title: Suitcases and Seeds: The Story of an Incredible Journey, Author: Diane Werling
Title: Out of the Darkness, Author: Kimberly Grissom
Title: Kandalaura Fever: Book Two of the Kandalaura Chronicles, Author: Louise Klodt
Title: Mawuli Island: The Quest for Destiny Volume 1, Author: Evonne J Torrence
Title: The Leaf Key, Author: Susan A Mills
Title: Touchdown Dream, Author: Steve Starr
Title: Choosing Life, Author: Britain Fairly