Title: Broken Men/Women Should Not Date!: Supported by Rest Renew Restore Ministry, Author: Yvonne Williams
Title: Paperclips of My Life, Author: Claude A. Jones Jr.
Title: Please Handle Me Carefully For I Have Been Broken, Author: Flabia Thembeka
Title: Overcoming Five Stages of Grief with God, Author: Melissa Murgo
Title: Go Forward: Turning Trials Into Triumph, Author: Patrick Kariuki
Title: Father Hunger, Author: Robert S McGee
Title: The Missing Ingredient: Discover the One Thing That Changes Everything, Author: Ron McIntosh
Title: Grieving with Purpose: Pain to Purpose, Author: Joann Sutherland
Title: Jesus, I Have Questions, Author: Pamela M Lund
Title: Now Who is Going to Make My Coffee, Author: Bonnie Flood
Title: In the Spider's Web: Diary of a Porn Addict's Wife, Author: Harriet Blanch
Title: Father Gives & Takes Away: The Journey Home, Author: Jean Stephens
Title: Life Doesn't Stop for You to Hurt: He Heals My Hurts, Author: Barbara Phillips Littlepage
Title: Addiction Steal, Kill & Destroy: Satan's Agenda to Terminate You! Spiritual Guide to Overcome Addiction & Loss, Author: Valerie Galloway
Title: Letters From My Mom, Long Since Gone: Death, Grief... And Healing, Author: Clarissa Rudolph-Hastings