Title: Spree Kill : The True Story of George Banks, Author: Ana Benson
Title: The Piketon Murders, Author: Ruth Kanton
Title: The Candy Man : The True Story of Serial Killer Dean Corll, Author: Jessi Dilman
Title: Paul Castellano : Mafia Godfather, Author: Sarah Thompson
Title: They Killed Mom, Author: Christine Goodman
Title: Mad Dog & Meatball : A Tale of Two Serial killers, Author: Pete Dove
Title: Black Widow Betty Broderick, Author: Amy Clauson
Title: Killer Family Man : The True Story of Chris Watts, Author: Peter Dovet
Title: Disc Golf: All You Need to Know About the Game You Want to Play, Author: Michael Steven Gregory
Title: Silence of the Lambs : The True Story of Gary Heidnik, Author: Frank Stone
Title: Fatal Attraction : The True Story of Carolyn Warmus, Author: Susan Butler
Title: Kill Em Pamela A Collection of True Crime, Author: Anita Caldwell
Title: Kristen Gilbert & Other Killer Nurses, Author: Lynn Dilman
Title: Killer Nurse : The True Story of Genene Jones, Author: Kori Mayer
Title: Gainesville Ripper : The True Story of Danny Rolling, Author: Nikki Marshall
Title: A Dark Amish Secret, Author: Terri Downes
Title: The Disappearance of the Springfield Three, Author: Ana Benson
Title: A Tender Amish Love, Author: Monica Marks
Title: Manson Girl : The True Story of Ruth Ann Moorehouse, Author: Belinda Weidlin
Title: The Murder of Anna Mae Aquash, Author: Ruth Kanton

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