Title: New Directions in Social Work Practice / Edition 2, Author: Kieron Hatton
Title: Sexuality and Social Work / Edition 1, Author: Julie Bywater
Title: Using Counselling Skills in Social Work / Edition 1, Author: Sally Riggall
Title: Loss and Social Work, Author: Caroline Currer
Title: Introducing International Social Work, Author: Sue Lawrence
Title: Social Work and Dementia, Author: David Cooper Moore
Title: Social Work in Education and Children's Services, Author: Steve Krawczyk
Title: Proactive Child Protection and Social Work / Edition 2, Author: Liz Davies
Title: Interprofessional Social Work:: Effective Collaborative Approaches, Author: Anne Quinney
Title: The Care Act 2014: Wellbeing in Practice / Edition 1, Author: Suzy Braye
Title: Groupwork Practice in Social Work / Edition 3, Author: Trevor Lindsay
Title: Need, Risk and Protection in Social Work Practice, Author: Steve Hothersall
Title: Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Social Work / Edition 5, Author: Juliet Koprowska
Title: Using the Law in Social Work / Edition 8, Author: Robert Johns
Title: Writing for Social Work, Author: Lucy Rai
Title: Service User and Carer Participation in Social Work, Author: Janet Warren
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Title: Social Work Assessment, Author: Ruben Martin
Title: Social Work Practice: Assessment, Planning, Intervention and Review, Author: Jonathan Parker
Title: Management and Organisations in Social Work, Author: Trish Hafford-Letchfield
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Title: Critical Learning for Social Work Students / Edition 2, Author: Sue Jones

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