Title: 1968: Year of Media Decision / Edition 3, Author: Robert Snyder
Title: A Better Guide Than Reason: Federalists and Anti-federalists, Author: M. E. Bradford
Title: A Casebook of Social Change in Developing Areas, Author: Arthur H. Niehoff
Title: A Century of Service: Land-Grant Colleges and Universities, 1890-1990, Author: Ralph D. Christy
Title: A City Year: On the Streets and in the Neighbourhoods with Twelve Young Community Volunteers / Edition 1, Author: Suzanne Goldsmith
Title: A Cultural History of the Modern Age: The Crisis of the European Soul / Edition 1, Author: Egon Friedell
Title: A Cultural History of the Modern Age: Volume 1, Renaissance and Reformation / Edition 1, Author: Egon Friedell
Title: A Cultural History of the Modern Age: Volume 2, Baroque, Rococo and Enlightenment, Author: Egon Friedell
Title: A Culture of Its Own: Taking Latin America Seriously, Author: Mark Falcoff
Title: A Darkening Green: Notes on Harvard, the 1950s, and the End of Innocence / Edition 1, Author: Peter Prescott
Title: A Dictionary of Biology, Author: M. Abercrombie
Title: A Dictionary of Geography / Edition 2, Author: F. J. Monkhouse
Title: A Disease Tone's of Own: Psychotherapy, Addiction, and the Emergence of Co-Dependency, Author: John Steadman Rice
Title: A Dream Deferred: How Social Work Education Lost Its Way and What Can be Done, Author: Howard Karger
Title: A Functioning Society: Community, Society, and Polity in the Twentieth Century, Author: Peter F. Drucker
Title: A Gallery of Mirrors: Observations on Novelists and Poets, Author: T. Tregear
Title: A Geography of China / Edition 1, Author: T.R. Tregear
Title: A Guide to English Literature, Author: F. W. Bateson
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Title: A Guided Science: History of Psychology in the Mirror of Its Making, Author: Jaan Valsiner
Title: A Historical Geography of China, Author: Yi-Fu Tuan

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