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Title: Linguistic Archaeology: An Introduction, Author: EDO Nyland
Title: Flight from Dallas: New Evidence of CIA Involvement in the Murder of President John F. Kennedy, Author: James P. Johnston
Title: Faith and Delusion, Author: Father Nikita Grigoriev
Title: Finding My Alegria, Author: Davina A. Ferreira
Title: Heaven's Criminal Code: Prepare your Defense, Author: Nilton Bonder
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Title: Solving the Naval Radar Crisis: The Eddy Test - Admission to the Most Unusual Training Program of World War II, Author: Raymond C. Jr. Watson
Title: Hebrew Word Study: The Butterfly Effect Ancient Words Changes the 21St Century, Author: Chaim Bentorah
Title: I Served, Author: Don C. Hall
Title: Footprints in Time: A History and Ethnology of the Lenape-Delaware Indian Culture, Author: Alan E. Carman
Title: From Leatherneck to Roman Collar: The Life and Times of Rev. Col. Timothy Mannix Gahan, USMC (Ret.), Author: Colleen Gahan McFall
Title: Cosmic and Universal Laws: Infinite Laws for a Happy and Prosperous Life, Author: Margo Kirtikar
Title: A Goju Ryu Guidebook: The Kogen Kan Manual for Karate, Author: Michael P. Cogan MSE
Title: Flying on Your Own Wings: A Complete Guide to Understanding Light Airplane Design, Author: Heintz Chris Heintz
Title: Wayne's World of Motivational Words, Author: Dwayne Lake
Title: Three Years Aboard a Navy Destroyer, Author: Otis Ted Holly
Title: I Want to Be a Veterinarian When I Grow Up, Author: Dr. Chad M. Hamel
Title: Life in the Spirit: Reflecting on the Work of the Holy Spirit in Our Lives, Author: Steve Langford
Title: True Myth: Black Vikings of Themiddle Ages, Author: Nashid Al-Amin
Title: Teaching and Hunting in East Africa, Author: Dan McNickle

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