Title: Live at Athenaeum Jazz, Artist: Mike Wofford Trio
Title: The Ox-Mo Incident, Artist: Keith Oxman
Title: Henry B. Meets Alvin G. Once in a Wild, Artist: Al Cohn
Title: Witness, Artist: Ron Miles
Title: Take Note!, Artist: Holly Hofmann
Title: It's Personal, Artist: Mike Wofford
Title: Cique, Artist: Cique
Title: Fab, Artist: Al Grey
Title: This Heart of Mine, Artist: Ellyn Rucker
Title: Old, New, Borrowed and Blue, Artist: Frank Potenza
Title: Hometown, Artist: Convergence
Title: Porgy and Bess: Redefined, Artist: Mark Masters
Title: Just a Bit O' Blues, Vol. 1, Artist: Spike Robinson
Title: Unfailing Kindness, Artist: Chie Imaizumi
Title: The Jiggs Up, Artist: Jiggs Whigham
Title: Masters & Baron Meet Blanton & Webster, Artist: Mark Masters Ensemble
Title: Tales of the Pilot: Bud Shank Plays the Music of David Peck, Artist: Bud Shank
Title: Alone Together, Artist: Andy Nevala
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Title: This Can't Be Love, Artist: Max Wagner
Title: Live at Athenaeum Jazz, Vol. 2, Artist: Holly Hofmann

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