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Title: For Keeps, Author: Airicka Phoenix
Title: Monster Guild: The Dark Lord's (No-Good) Comeback! Vol. 1, Author: Tourou
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We Set the Dark on Fire
by Tehlor Kay Mejia
Narrated by  Kyla Garcia
#1 in Series
Audiobook (Unabridged) $26.99
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Title: Night Falls, Author: Jamie Cannon
#1 in Series
Title: Army of the Skeletal Prince, Author: Andrew McGregor
Title: The Dark History of the Reincarnated Villainess, Vol. 1, Author: Akiharu Touka
Title: BlackThorn, Author: DeWayne Kunkel
#1 in Series
Title: Emergence (The Dark Tide Trilogy, #1), Author: Dayne Edmondson
Title: EFFECTIVE JOURNEY TO RICHNESS: Be the master of virtues, spirituality, emotions, and wealth, Author: Dennis Fujikawa Manguiob
Title: The Dark Side of Truth, Author: Gary Caruso
#1 in Series
Title: Deep In The Dark, Author: Eileen Travis
#1 in Series
Title: In The Dark, Author: Kaelyn Buzzo
Title: The City of Dusk, Author: Tara Sim
#1 in Series
Paperback $15.99 $18.99 Current price is $15.99, Original price is $18.99.
Title: Sparks Fly, Author: Kadian Thomas
Title: Music & Mirrors: A Phantom of the Opera Retelling, Author: Celine Jeanjean
Title: Shadows of The Heart, Author: L.D. Hutchinson
#1 in Series
Title: The Prisoner, Author: Stephen King
Title: The Dark Intercept, Author: Julia Keller
Title: Ravenous: The Dark Forgotten, Author: Sharon Ashwood
Title: A Glimpse of the Dark Side: Adult Paranormal Erotic Romance Collection, Author: Sandra Ross

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