Title: The Dark Corner, Author: Easton Livingston
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Title: The Grail Maiden, Author: E. C. Ambrose
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Title: Beldagar: A Dark Eve Story, Author: TK Thompson
Title: The Dark Corner: Featuring the Makarios Cadre, Author: Easton Livingston
Title: Out of the Dark, Author: David Weber
Title: Children of the Dark Star, Author: Royce Garner II
Title: Elisha Barber, Author: E.C. Ambrose
Title: Light in the Barren Lands (Travail of the Dark Mage Series #1), Author: Brian S. Pratt
Title: Road to Koilatha, Author: A.C. Ellas
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Title: Simon Says, Author: Bianca D'Arc
1 in Series
Title: In The Dark, Author: Kaelyn Buzzo
Title: Vivaldi in the Dark, Author: Matthew J. Metzger
1 in Series
Title: Mortal Obligation, Author: Nichole Chase
1 in Series
Title: Cry in the Dark, Author: K da Producer
Title: From the Dark, Book 1, Author: Scott Weldon Clark
Title: The Prisoner, Author: Stephen King
Title: Dungeon Configure, Author: Troy Neenan
1 in Series
Title: Dark Neighborhoods (The Dark Journeys Trilogy, #1), Author: Charles Justus Garard
Title: Into the Dark - Saison 1 Serie lesbienne, roman lesbien, Author: Jamie Leigh
Title: Captive in the Dark, Author: CJ Roberts
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