Title: Buddhism in the Public Sphere: Reorienting Global Interdependence, Author: Peter D. Hershock
Title: German Radioactive Waste: Changes in Policy and Law, Author: Robert Rybski
Title: News Framing Effects, Author: Sophie Lecheler
Title: Wittgenstein's Novels, Author: Martin Klebes
Title: Archaeology, Heritage and Ethics in the Western Wall Plaza, Jerusalem: Darkness at the End of the Tunnel, Author: Raz Kletter
Title: People, Places and Policy: Knowing contemporary Wales through new localities, Author: Martin Jones
Title: Europe and Asia beyond East and West, Author: Gerard Delanty
Title: Music and Empathy, Author: Elaine King
Title: Childhood Abuse, Body Shame, and Addictive Plastic Surgery: The Face of Trauma, Author: Mark B. Constantian
Title: Commodifying Violence in Literature and on Screen: The Colombian Condition, Author: Alejandro Herrero-Olaizola
Title: Computer Aided Policy Making, Author: Ray Wyatt
Title: Xenakis: His Life in Music, Author: James Harley
Title: Policing Gender, Class And Family In Britain, 1800-1945, Author: Linda Mahood
Title: Narrating Nonhuman Spaces: Form, Story, and Experience Beyond Anthropocentrism, Author: Marco Caracciolo
Title: Towards Principled Oceans Governance: Australian and Canadian Approaches and Challenges, Author: Donald R. Rothwell
Title: Northern Archaeology and Cosmology: A Relational View, Author: Vesa-Pekka Herva
Title: Meeting the Challenges to Measurement in an Era of Accountability, Author: Henry Braun
Title: Ibn Al-Jazzar On Fevers, Author: Gerrit Bos
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Title: Labour Contracts and Labour Relations in Early Modern Central Japan, Author: Mary Louise Nagata
Title: Neurodiversity Studies: A New Critical Paradigm, Author: Hanna Bertilsdotter Rosqvist

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