Title: Comics and Videogames: From Hybrid Medialities to Transmedia Expansions, Author: Andreas Rauscher
Title: The Narratology of Comic Art / Edition 1, Author: Kai Mikkonen
Title: The World of DC Comics, Author: Andrew Friedenthal
Title: Adventure Comics and Youth Cultures in India, Author: Raminder Kaur
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Title: Superheroes and American Self Image: From War to Watergate / Edition 1, Author: Michael Goodrum
Title: Imagining Motherhood in the Twenty-First Century, Author: Valerie Heffernan
Title: The Human Rights Graphic Novel: Drawing it Just Right, Author: Pramod K. Nayar
Title: Adult Manga: Culture and Power in Contemporary Japanese Society, Author: Sharon Kinsella
Title: The Secret Origins of Comics Studies, Author: Matthew Smith
Title: The Contemporary Comic Book Superhero, Author: Angela Ndalianis
Title: Personal Ethics and Ordinary Heroes: The Social Context of Morality, Author: Michael J. DeValve
Title: Dictionary of British Cartoonists and Caricaturists: 1730-1980, Author: Mark Bryant
Title: Wonder Women: Feminisms and Superheroes / Edition 1, Author: Lillian Robinson
Title: Japanese Visual Culture: Explorations in the World of Manga and Anime, Author: Mark W. MacWilliams
Title: The Trauma Graphic Novel / Edition 1, Author: Andrés Romero-Jódar
Title: Superhero Bodies: Identity, Materiality, Transformation, Author: Wendy Haslem
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Title: Reading Comics: Language, Culture, and the Concept of the Superhero in Comic Books, Author: Mila Bongco
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Title: Superheroes and Identities, Author: Mel Gibson
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Title: Mary Delany (1700-1788) and the Court of George III: Memoirs of the Court of George III, Volume 2, Author: Alain Kerherve
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