Title: Constitutional Law and Precedent: International Perspectives on Case-Based Reasoning, Author: Monika Florczak-Wator
Title: Thinking Like a Lawyer: A Framework for Teaching Critical Thinking to All Students, Author: Colin Seale
Title: German Political Philosophy: The Metaphysics of Law, Author: Chris Thornhill
Title: Sociology of Law as the Science of Norms, Author: Håkan Hydén
Title: Terrorism, Criminal Law and Politics: The Decline of the Political Offence Exception to Extradition, Author: Julia Jansson
Title: Criminal Justice Policy and Planning: Planned Change / Edition 5, Author: Wayne N. Welsh
Title: Bank Regulation, Risk Management, and Compliance: Theory, Practice, and Key Problem Areas, Author: Alexander Dill
Title: Powers of the Prosecutor in Criminal Investigation: A Comparative Perspective, Author: Karolina Kremens
Title: Police Ethics: The Corruption of Noble Cause, Author: Michael Caldero
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Title: American Race Relations and the Legacy of British Colonialism, Author: Thomas H. Stanton
Title: Practical Crime Scene Processing and Investigation, Third Edition, Author: Ross M. Gardner
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Title: Procedural Justice and Relational Theory: Empirical, Philosophical, and Legal Perspectives, Author: Denise Meyerson
Title: Law, Ecology, and the Management of Complex Systems: The Case of Water Governance, Author: Tiina Paloniitty
Title: Online Misogyny as Hate Crime: A Challenge for Legal Regulation? / Edition 1, Author: Kim Barker
Title: The International Criminal Court: A Global Civil Society Achievement, Author: Marlies Glasius
Title: The Problem of Enforcement in International Law: Countermeasures, the Non-Injured State and the Idea of International Community, Author: Elena Katselli Proukaki
Title: Children, Human Rights and Temporary Labour Migration: Protecting the Child-Parent Relationship, Author: Rasika Jayasuriya
Title: Contemporary Corrections: A Critical Thinking Approach, Author: Rick Ruddell
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Title: Criminal Evidence, Author: Jefferson L. Ingram
Title: Social Networks as the New Frontier of Terrorism: #Terror / Edition 1, Author: Laura Scaife

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