Title: Origami Polyhedra Design, Author: John Montroll
Title: Project Origami: Activities for Exploring Mathematics, Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Thomas Hull
Title: Clay Work and Body Image in Art Therapy: Using Metaphor and Symbolism to Heal, Author: Trisha Crocker
Title: Digital Restoration from Start to Finish: How to Repair Old and Damaged Photographs, Author: Ctein
by Ctein
eBook $48.99 $64.95 Current price is $48.99, Original price is $64.95.
Title: Men's Tailoring: Bespoke, Theatrical and Historical Tailoring 1830-1950, Author: Graham Cottenden
eBook $48.99 $64.95 Current price is $48.99, Original price is $64.95.
Title: Origami Tessellations: Awe-Inspiring Geometric Designs / Edition 1, Author: Eric Gjerde
Title: Architectural Tiles: Conservation and Restoration, Author: Lesley Durbin
eBook $48.49 $56.95 Current price is $48.49, Original price is $56.95.
Title: Craft in Art Therapy: Diverse Approaches to the Transformative Power of Craft Materials and Methods, Author: Lauren Leone
Title: Art Beyond the Lens: Working with Digital Textures, Author: Sarah Gardner
eBook $37.49 $49.95 Current price is $37.49, Original price is $49.95.
Title: Indigo in the Arab World / Edition 1, Author: Jenny Balfour-Paul
Title: The Treasure Of Ophir: In Search of a Lost City, Author: C.E.V. Craufurd
Title: Sewing Techniques for Theatre: An Essential Guide for Beginners, Author: Tracey Lyons
Title: Protecting the Dharma through Calligraphy in Tang China: A Study of the Ji Wang shengjiao xu ????? The Preface to the Buddhist Scriptures Engraved on Stone in Wang Xizhi's Collated Characters, Author: Pietro De Laurentis
Title: Flora of Tropical East Africa - Eriocaulaceae (1997), Author: Sylvia Phillips
Title: Serials Binding: A Simple and Complete Guidebook to Processes / Edition 1, Author: Irma Nicola
Title: Post-Digital Letterpress Printing: Research, Education and Practice, Author: Pedro Amado
Title: Carpentry and Joinery 2 / Edition 3, Author: Brian Porter
Title: New Pop-Up Paper Projects: Step-by-step paper engineering for all ages, Author: Paul Johnson
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Title: Foam Patterning and Construction Techniques: Turning 2D Designs into 3D Shapes, Author: Mary McClung
eBook $36.99 $48.95 Current price is $36.99, Original price is $48.95.
Title: The Decorated Bindings in Marsh's Library, Dublin, Author: Mirjam M. Foot
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