Title: A People's History of Classics: Class and Greco-Roman Antiquity in Britain and Ireland 1689 to 1939, Author: Edith Hall
Title: Approaching Democracy: American Government in Times of Challenge, Author: Larry Berman
Title: The Art of the Soluble, Author: P.B. Medawar
Title: Cyber Security Politics: Socio-Technological Transformations and Political Fragmentation, Author: Myriam Dunn Cavelty
Title: Liberalism against Liberalism: Theoretical Analysis of the Works of Ludwig von Mises and Gary Becker / Edition 1, Author: Javier Aranzadi
Title: Fallgirls: Gender and the Framing of Torture at Abu Ghraib, Author: Ryan Ashley Caldwell
Title: Politics, Lies and Conspiracy Theories: A Cognitive Linguistic Perspective, Author: Marcel Danesi
Title: Southeast Asia and the Civil Society Gaze: Scoping a Contested Concept in Cambodia and Vietnam, Author: Gabi Waibel
Title: Urban and Regional Technology Planning: Planning Practice in the Global Knowledge Economy, Author: Kenneth E. Corey
Title: Cybersecurity: Public Sector Threats and Responses / Edition 1, Author: Kim J. Andreasson
Title: Global Food Security Governance: Civil society engagement in the reformed Committee on World Food Security, Author: Jessica Duncan
Title: To the Cloud: Big Data in a Turbulent World / Edition 1, Author: Vincent Mosco
Title: The New Immigration: An Interdisciplinary Reader, Author: CAROLA SUAREZ-OROZCO
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Title: Teaching Critical Thinking: Practical Wisdom / Edition 1, Author: bell hooks
Title: Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation, Author: Barry A. J. Fisher
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Title: Contemporary France: Politics and Society since 1945, Author: D. L. Hanley
Title: Psychoanalysis Under Occupation: Practicing Resistance in Palestine, Author: Lara Sheehi
Title: Creating Great Places: Evidence-based Urban Design for Health and Wellbeing / Edition 1, Author: Debra Flanders Cushing
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Title: The House on Garibaldi Street, Author: Isser Harel
Title: Warriors and Politicians: US Civil-Military Relations under Stress, Author: Charles A. Stevenson

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