Title: A History of Intelligence and 'Intellectual Disability': The Shaping of Psychology in Early Modern Europe, Author: C.F. Goodey
Title: Medical Management of Pulmonary Diseases / Edition 1, Author: Theodore Marcy
Title: The Performative Power of Vocality / Edition 1, Author: Virginie Magnat
Title: Locating Zika: Social Change and Governance in an Age of Mosquito Pandemics / Edition 1, Author: Kevin Bardosh
Title: Human Extinction and the Pandemic Imaginary / Edition 1, Author: Christos Lynteris
Title: Rats, Lice and History, Author: Hans Zinsser
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Title: Ibn Al-Jazzar On Sexual Diseases, Author: Gerrit Bos
Title: The Psychology of Sport Injury and Rehabilitation / Edition 1, Author: Monna Arvinen-Barrow
Title: The A-Z Guide to Food as Medicine, Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Diane Kraft
Title: Working with Voice Disorders: Theory and Practice, Author: Stephanie Martin
Title: The Biopsychosocial Formulation Manual: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals / Edition 1, Author: William H. Campbell
Title: The Neuropsychology of Dreams: A Clinico-anatomical Study / Edition 1, Author: Mark Solms
Title: Radiation Protection in Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology / Edition 1, Author: Richard J. Vetter
Title: The Rise of Autism: Risk and Resistance in the Age of Diagnosis, Author: Ginny Russell
Title: Ethics in Hospice Care: Challenges to Hospice Values in a Changing Health Care Environment / Edition 1, Author: Bruce Jennings
Title: Developing Assertiveness Skills for Health and Social Care Professionals, Author: Annie Phillips
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Title: Operative Cardiac Surgery / Edition 6, Author: Thomas L. Spray
Title: Molecular Genetics & Gene Therapy of Cardiovascular Diseases / Edition 1, Author: S. C. Mockrin
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Title: Life Care Planning and Case Management Across the Lifespan, Author: Tanya Rutherford-Owen
Title: Behavioural Approaches in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation: Optimising Rehabilitation Procedures / Edition 1, Author: Barbara A. Wilson

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