Title: The Story of The Masters: Drama, joy and heartbreak at golf's most iconic tournament, Author: David Barrett
Title: City of Champions: An American story of leather helmets, iron wills and the high school kids from Jersey who won it all, Author: Hank Gola
Title: Rain Forest Wisdom: What Gorillas Tell Us About Ourselves, Author: Andrew Grant
Title: Brighter Graphite, Author: Micahel Horvath
Title: A Room in Athens: A Memoir, Author: Frances Karlen Santamaria Ms
Title: The Indispensable Guide to Classic Men's Clothing, Author: Joshua Karlen
Title: The Test, Author: John Lansing
Title: Scotland's Gift, Author: Charles MacDonald
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Title: A Game For Life: Golf's Rules and Rewards, Author: Gene Westmoreland
Title: Golf Unplugged, Author: Jim Apfelbaum
Title: Lost Lustre: A New York Memoir, Author: Joshua Karlen
Title: The Colorman, Author: Erika Wood
Title: Season of Betrayal, Author: Margaret Lowrie Robertson
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Title: My Cancer Year: A Survivorship Memoir, Author: Curtis Pesmen
Title: Kremlin Speak: Inside Putin's Propaganda Factory, Author: Lukas I Alpert
Title: The Duffer's Handbook of Golf, Author: Grantland Rice
Title: Your Prostate Cancer Survivors' Guide: Living Stronger, Longer, Author: Curtis Pesmen
Title: The Beginnings of Angels, Author: Andrew T. Sulavik