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Title: Chip Multiprocessor Architecture: Techniques to Improve Throughput and Latency / Edition 1, Author: Kunle Olukotun
Title: A Primer on Memory Consistency and Cache Coherence / Edition 1, Author: Daniel J. Sorin
Title: Multithreading Architecture / Edition 1, Author: Mario Nemirovsky
Title: Customizable Computing, Author: Yu-Ting Chen
Title: The Datacenter as a Computer: Designing Warehouse-Scale Machines, Third Edition, Author: Luiz André Barroso
Title: Resilient Architecture Design for Voltage Variation, Author: Vijay Janapa Reddi
Title: Quantum Computing for Computer Architects, Second Edition, Author: Tzvetan Metodi
Title: Principles of Secure Processor Architecture Design, Author: Jakub Szefer
Title: On-Chip Photonic Interconnects: A Computer Architect's Perspective, Author: Christopher J. Nitta
Title: Analyzing Analytics / Edition 1, Author: Rajesh Bordawekar
Title: Fault Tolerant Computer Architecture, Author: Daniel Sorin
Title: Datacenter Design and Management: A Computer Architect's Perspective, Author: Benjamin C. Lee
Title: Dynamic Binary Modification: Tools, Techniques, and Applications / Edition 1, Author: Kim Hazelwood
Title: A Primer on Memory Consistency and Cache Coherence, Second Edition, Author: Vijay Nagarajan
Title: High Performance Networks: From Supercomputing to Cloud Computing, Author: Dennis Abts
Title: Multi-Core Cache Hierarchies / Edition 1, Author: Norman P. Jouppi
Title: FPGA-Accelerated Simulation of Computer Systems, Author: Hari Angepat
Title: Optimization and Mathematical Modeling in Computer Architecture, Author: Karthikeyan Sankaralingam
Title: Analyzing Analytics, Author: Rajesh Bordawekar
Title: Computer Architecture Techniques for Power-Efficiency, Author: Stefanos Kaxiras

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