Title: Chip Multiprocessor Architecture: Techniques to Improve Throughput and Latency / Edition 1, Author: Kunle Olukotun
Title: A Primer on Memory Consistency and Cache Coherence / Edition 1, Author: Daniel J. Sorin
Title: Introduction to Reconfigurable Supercomputing, Author: Marco Lanzagorta
Title: Transactional Memory, Second Edition, Author: Tim Harris
Title: Space-Time Computing with Temporal Neural Networks, Author: James E. Smith
Title: Data Orchestration in Deep Learning Accelerators, Author: Tushar Krishna
Title: Fault Tolerant Computer Architecture, Author: Daniel Sorin
Title: Research Infrastructures for Hardware Accelerators, Author: Yakun Sophia Shao
Title: Deep Learning for Computer Architects / Edition 1, Author: Brandon Reagen
Title: Processor Microarchitecture: An Implementation Perspective, Author: Antonio Gonzalez
Title: A Primer on Memory Persistency, Author: Gogte Vaibhav
Title: Computer Architecture Techniques for Power-Efficiency, Author: Stefanos Kaxiras
Title: AI for Computer Architecture: Principles, Practice, and Prospects, Author: Lizhong Chen
Title: Phase Change Memory: From Devices to Systems, Author: Naveen Muralimanohar
Title: Innovations in the Memory System, Author: Rajeev Balasubramonian
Title: Security Basics for Computer Architects, Author: Ruby B. Lee
Title: A Primer on Hardware Prefetching, Author: Babak Falsafi
Title: Efficient Processing of Deep Neural Networks, Author: Vivienne Sze
Title: Power-Efficient Computer Architectures: Recent Advances, Author: Magnus Själander
Title: Single-Instruction Multiple-Data Execution, Author: Christopher J. Hughes

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