Title: Rawhide
Director: Henry Hathaway
Title: Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman
Title: Back Street
Director: David Miller
Title: The Fighting Seabees
Title: Ada
Director: Daniel Mann
Title: Top Secret Affair
Director: H.C. Potter
Title: The Honey Pot
Title: Tap Roots
Director: George Marshall
Title: David and Bathsheba
Title: I Want to Live!
Director: Robert Wise
Title: White Witch Doctor
Title: The Snows of Kilimanjaro
Title: I Thank a Fool
Director: Robert Stevens
Title: Smash-up/Tulsa
Title: The Stolen Hours
Title: Tulsa
Title: The Hairy Ape
Director: Alfred Santell
Title: I Can Get It for You Wholesale/the Marriage-Go-Round/Untamed
Title: Jack London
Director: Alfred Santell
Title: A Guide for the Advanced Soul, Author: Susan Hayward

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