Title: It's OK to Start Over, Author: Russell J. Smith
Title: The Book I: For all of humanity, Author: Ramanamma Who?
Title: After the Party, Author: Shan Lee
Title: The Disciple: The Story of One Boy's Triumph Over Bullying, Author: Jacqueline Harvey
Title: Molly's Secret Garden: Molly's Golden Voyage, Author: Victor Nelson
Title: Of Rats and Men: The Last Man's War, Author: Todor Bombov
Title: Dirt: A Memoir, Author: Renana York
Title: Basic Practising Skills in English: With Worksheets and Exercises, Author: Kundisai Mudita
Title: What Was I Thinking?, Author: Jo M. Russell
Title: Revenge is Bittersweet, Author: Audrey R. Brown
Title: What Shall I Do? Sighed Emily, Author: Faith P. Smith
Title: Mr Sun Smiles Down on Friends in a Small Corner of Africa, Author: Maria Ramsay
Title: He Knew She Didn't: The Love Story to Die For, Author: Michael Malone
Title: Exploring Brenda's Path and Her Journey to Self-Discovery: A Guide for Discussion Leaders, Author: Barbara J. Davis PhD
Title: The Tainted Gift: A Gospel Suspense Story, Author: Steve N. Dab'ney
Title: Empty Pockets and Broken Dreams, Author: cynthia j. (c.j.) williams
Title: Kaleidoscope: Selected Poems, Author: Josephine Chadwick
Title: LaWanda's Journey and Other Stories, Author: cynthia  j. (c.j.) williams
Title: Behind the Scenes: A Collection of Short Stories, Author: Kundisai Mudita
Title: Playoffs, Author: Stefan Kowalski

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