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Title: The Children of God: There is Life After the Cult, Author: M.Div. Faye Thomas
Title: Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control, Author: John Hall
Title: Harry the Caterpillar, Author: Michelle M. Birkenstock
Title: Baxter's Hibernation, Author: Michelle M. Birkenstock
Title: All Cats Go to Heaven, Author: Valda V. Upenieks
Title: A Bug and a Wish, Author: Karen Scheuer
Title: Anger Tree, Author: John Cary
Title: A to Z My Alphabet Zoo, Author: Martha Jo Silvestro
Title: Coping with Loss: A Workbook of Activities in Resolving the Dissonances of Grief for Teenagers, Author: Joseph V. Palazzola
Title: A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America, Author: John Hall
Title: Aliko Mohammad Dangote: The Biography of the Richest Black Person in the World, Author: Moshood Ademola Fayemiwo
Title: Child of Many, Author: Suzanne Gene Courtney
Title: Presumption of Death, Author: Joy Cagle
Title: Primary Beneficiary, Author: David L. Tackett
Title: Roses for Mother: Poems Written by Alice Wallenfelz Cline a Depression Era Mother Living in Rural America Compiled by Catherine Whelchel, Author: Catherine Whelchel
Title: Someone You Love Has Cancer: A Child's Guide to Understanding, Author: Robin Martin Duttmann
Title: Timothy, The Shooting Star: A Social Story About Autism, Author: Christie Elam
Title: A Culture of Fear: An Inside Look at Los Angeles County's Department of Children & Family Services, Author: Julian J. Dominguez LMFT
Title: Kylie Gets a Cochlear Implant, Author: Marilyn C. Rose
Title: How to Run a Profitable (Hospitality) Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Food, and Beverage Business, Author: Peter Clarke

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