Title: The Man in the Brown Suit, Author: Agatha Christie
Title: 101 Science Fiction Short Stories, Author: Isaac Asimov
Title: The Magic Mountain, Author: Thomas Mann
Title: 101 Great Short Stories, Author: Guy de Maupassant
Title: 51 Amazing Sci-Fi Short Stories, Author: Lester Del Rey
Title: 101 Great Thriller Short Stories, Author: Frank L. Packard
Title: The Science Fiction Collection, Author: Ray Bradbury
Title: The Philip K. Dick Collection, Author: Philip K. Dick
Title: 15 Great Science Fiction Novels, Author: Edward Bellamy
Title: The Book of the Law, Author: Aleister Crowley
Title: 101 Great Mystery Short Stories, Author: R. Austin Freeman
Title: The Hermann Hesse Collection, Author: Hermann Hesse
Title: Classic Mystery Short Stories, Author: Rudyard Kipling
Title: History of the Byzantine Empire, Author: Charles Diehl
Title: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Author: Joseph Murphy
Title: The Andre Norton Collection, Author: Andre Norton
Title: The Wealth & Prosperity Collection, Author: Joseph Murphy
Title: The Fall of the Dynasties: The Collapse of the Old Order: 1905-1922, Author: Edmon Taylor
Title: The Enlightenment Collection, Author: Benedict de Spinoza
Title: The Thomas Hobbes Collection, Author: Thomas Hobbes

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