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Title: Gasless Single-Port RoboSurgeon Surgery in Urology, Author: Kazunori Kihara
Title: PTSD: Brain Mechanisms and Clinical Implications / Edition 1, Author: N. Kato
Title: Vertigo and Balance Disorders in Children, Author: Kimitaka Kaga
Title: Current Perspectives and Future Directions in Palliative Medicine, Author: Kenji Eguchi
Title: Japanese Management in Change: The Impact of Globalization and Market Principles, Author: Norio Kambayashi
Title: Industrial Applications of Fuzzy Technology, Author: Kaoru Hirota
Title: History of the IMF: Organization, Policy, and Market, Author: Kazuhiko Yago
Title: Weakly Wandering Sequences in Ergodic Theory, Author: Stanley Eigen
Title: Neuroanesthesia and Cerebrospinal Protection, Author: Hiroyuki Uchino
Title: Congenital Heart Disease: Morphological and Functional Assessment, Author: Hideaki Senzaki
Title: Heart Failure: Frontiers in Cardiology / Edition 1, Author: A. Kitabatake
Title: Cholesteatoma and Anterior Tympanotomy, Author: Tamotsu Morimitsu
Title: Regulation of the Contractile Cycle in Smooth Muscle, Author: Takeshi Nakano
Title: Environmental and Space Electromagnetics, Author: Hiroshi Kikuchi
Title: Nuclear Back-end and Transmutation Technology for Waste Disposal: Beyond the Fukushima Accident, Author: Ken Nakajima
Title: Cytokine Frontiers: Regulation of Immune Responses in Health and Disease, Author: Takayuki Yoshimoto
Title: Econometric Models of Asian-Pacific Countries / Edition 1, Author: Shinichi Ichimura
Title: Formulation of Uncertainty Relation Between Error and Disturbance in Quantum Measurement by Using Quantum Estimation Theory, Author: Yu Watanabe
Title: Culture and Institutions in the Economic Growth of Japan, Author: Juro Teranishi
Title: Natural Disaster Management in the Asia-Pacific: Policy and Governance, Author: Caroline Brassard

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