Title: Pancreatic Beta Cell in Health and Disease / Edition 1, Author: Susumu Seino
Title: Information Geometry and Its Applications, Author: Shun-ichi Amari
Title: Experimental Techniques in Modern High-Energy Physics: A Beginner's Guide, Author: Kazunori Hanagaki
Title: Evoked Spinal Cord Potentials: An illustrated Guide to Physiology, Pharmocology, and Recording Techniques / Edition 1, Author: Koki Shimoji
Title: Neuropsychiatric Disorders, Author: Koho Miyoshi
Title: Aging Mechanisms: Longevity, Metabolism, and Brain Aging, Author: Nozomu Mori
Title: Bio-mechanisms of Swimming and Flying: Fluid Dynamics, Biomimetic Robots, and Sports Science / Edition 1, Author: Naomi Kato
Title: Environmental and Resources Geochemistry of Earth System: Mass Transfer Mechanism, Geochemical Cycle and the Influence of Human Activity, Author: Naotatsu Shikazono
Title: The Biodiversity Observation Network in the Asia-Pacific Region: Toward Further Development of Monitoring, Author: Shin-ichi Nakano
Title: The Biokinetics of Flying and Swimming, Author: Akira Azuma
Title: Biomechanics: Functional Adaption and Remodeling, Author: Kozaburo Hayashi
Title: Mechanism of Artificial Heart, Author: Takashi Yamane
Title: Fatigue Science for Human Health / Edition 1, Author: Y. Watanabe
Title: The Economics of Education: An Analysis of College-Going Behavior, Author: Kazuhiro Arai
Title: Recent Progress in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Vol.2 / Edition 1, Author: Masanori Hanada
Title: Growth and Business Cycles with Equilibrium Indeterminacy, Author: Kazuo Mino
Title: Meaning in Action: Constructions, Narratives, and Representations / Edition 1, Author: Toshio Sugiman
Title: Advanced Monitoring and Numerical Analysis of Coastal Water and Urban Air Environment / Edition 1, Author: Hiroaki Furumai
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Title: Enterprise as an Instrument of Civilization: An Anthropological Approach to Business Administration, Author: Hirochika Nakamaki
Title: Sendai Virus Vector: Advantages and Applications, Author: Yoshiyuki Nagai

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