Title: Sports Management and Sports Humanities, Author: Kazuyuki Kanosue
Title: Muse Cells: Endogenous Reparative Pluripotent Stem Cells, Author: Mari Dezawa
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Title: Gasless Single-Port RoboSurgeon Surgery in Urology, Author: Kazunori Kihara
Title: Historical Evolution Toward Achieving Ultrahigh Vacuum in JEOL Electron Microscopes / Edition 1, Author: Nagamitsu Yoshimura
Title: Allergy Frontiers:Diagnosis and Health Economics / Edition 1, Author: Ruby Pawankar
Title: Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm of the Pancreas, Author: Masao Tanaka
Title: Allergy Frontiers:Therapy and Prevention / Edition 1, Author: Ruby Pawankar
Title: Cardiovascular Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease, Author: Hideaki Kado
Title: Water Civilization: From Yangtze to Khmer Civilizations, Author: Yoshinori Yasuda
Title: Teaching and Learning of Knot Theory in School Mathematics / Edition 1, Author: Akio Kawauchi
Title: Interfirm Relationships and Trade Credit in Japan: Evidence from Micro-Data, Author: Hirofumi Uchida
Title: Co-benefits of Sustainable Forestry: Ecological Studies of a Certified Bornean Rain Forest, Author: Kanehiro Kitayama
Title: Geometrically Constructed Markov Chain Monte Carlo Study of Quantum Spin-phonon Complex Systems, Author: Hidemaro Suwa
Title: Nanobiosensors and Nanobioanalyses, Author: Mun'delanji C. Vestergaard
Title: Monkeys, Apes, and Humans: Primatology in Japan / Edition 1, Author: Michael A. Huffman
Title: Opera House Acoustics Based on Subjective Preference Theory, Author: Yoichi Ando
Title: Tactile Score: A Knowledge Media for Tactile Sense, Author: Yasuhiro Suzuki
Title: High-Performance and Specialty Fibers: Concepts, Technology and Modern Applications of Man-Made Fibers for the Future, Author: Japan The Society of Fiber Science and Techno
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Title: Probing the Early Universe with the CMB Scalar, Vector and Tensor Bispectrum, Author: Maresuke Shiraishi
Title: Pain and Kampo: The Use of Japanese Herbal Medicine in Management of Pain, Author: Tsutomu Oyama

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