Title: Experimental Techniques in Modern High-Energy Physics: A Beginner's Guide, Author: Kazunori Hanagaki
Title: Pancreatic Beta Cell in Health and Disease / Edition 1, Author: Susumu Seino
Title: Information Geometry and Its Applications, Author: Shun-ichi Amari
Title: HCV/Oxidative Stress and Liver Disease, Author: K. Okita
Title: Probing the Early Universe with the CMB Scalar, Vector and Tensor Bispectrum, Author: Maresuke Shiraishi
Title: Geography Education in Japan, Author: Yoshiyasu Ida
Title: The Economics of Waste and Pollution Management in Japan, Author: Fumikazu Yoshida
Title: Suzaku Studies of White Dwarf Stars and the Galactic X-ray Background Emission / Edition 1, Author: Takayuki Yuasa
Title: Collected Papers / Edition 2, Author: Teiji Takagi
Title: Liver Diseases and Hepatic Sinusoidal Cells / Edition 1, Author: Kyuichi Tanikawa
Title: Livelihood Security in Northwestern Himalaya: Case Studies from Changing Socio-economic Environments in Himachal Pradesh, India, Author: R.B. Singh
Title: Single-Pollen Genotyping, Author: Yuji Isagi
Title: Evolution and Senses: Opsins, Bitter Taste, and Olfaction / Edition 1, Author: Yoshinori Shichida
Title: Seasonality and Microcredit: The Case of Northern Bangladesh, Author: Abu S. Shonchoy
Title: Brain Hypothermia Treatment / Edition 1, Author: Nariyuki Hayashi
Title: Elements of Neo-Walrasian Economics: A Survey, Author: Takashi Negishi
Title: Portal Hypertension: Clinical and Physiological Aspects, Author: Kunio Okuda
Title: Autonomous Control Systems and Vehicles: Intelligent Unmanned Systems / Edition 1, Author: Kenzo Nonami
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Title: Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Cardiovascular Regulation, Author: Hasso 04Scholz
Title: The Dilemma of Boundaries: Toward a New Concept of Catchment, Author: Makoto Taniguchi

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