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Title: Cardiovascular Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease, Author: Hideaki Kado
Title: Historical Evolution Toward Achieving Ultrahigh Vacuum in JEOL Electron Microscopes / Edition 1, Author: Nagamitsu Yoshimura
Title: Sports Management and Sports Humanities, Author: Kazuyuki Kanosue
Title: Allergy Frontiers:Diagnosis and Health Economics / Edition 1, Author: Ruby Pawankar
Title: Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm of the Pancreas, Author: Masao Tanaka
Title: Allergy Frontiers:Therapy and Prevention / Edition 1, Author: Ruby Pawankar
Title: Gasless Single-Port RoboSurgeon Surgery in Urology, Author: Kazunori Kihara
Title: PTSD: Brain Mechanisms and Clinical Implications / Edition 1, Author: N. Kato
Title: Nishina Memorial Lectures: Creators of Modern Physics / Edition 1, Author: Nishina Memorial Foundation
Title: Chemolithoautotrophic Bacteria: Biochemistry and Environmental Biology / Edition 1, Author: Tateo Yamanaka
Title: Plant Mites and Sociality: Diversity and Evolution / Edition 1, Author: Yutaka Saito
Title: Zero-Carbon Energy Kyoto 2009: Proceedings of the First International Symposium of Global COE Program
Title: Air Traffic Management and Systems II: Selected Papers of the 4th ENRI International Workshop, 2015, Author: Electronic Navigation Research Institute
Title: Simulating Interacting Agents and Social Phenomena: The Second World Congress / Edition 1, Author: Keiki Takadama
Title: Air Pollution Impacts on Plants in East Asia, Author: Takeshi Izuta
Title: Fundamentals of Semiconductor Lasers, Author: Takahiro Numai
Title: Tensegrity Structures: Form, Stability, and Symmetry, Author: Jing Yao Zhang
Title: Dynamic Cognitive Processes, Author: Nobuo Ohta
Title: Biological Effects by Organotins, Author: Toshihiro Horiguchi
Title: Transition of the Yangtze River Delta: From Global Manufacturing Center to Global Innovation Center, Author: Zhibiao Liu

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