Title: AdS/CFT Duality User Guide, Author: Makoto Natsuume
Title: Experimental Techniques in Modern High-Energy Physics: A Beginner's Guide, Author: Kazunori Hanagaki
Title: Pancreatic Beta Cell in Health and Disease / Edition 1, Author: Susumu Seino
Title: Information Geometry and Its Applications, Author: Shun-ichi Amari
Title: Natural Disaster Management in the Asia-Pacific: Policy and Governance, Author: Caroline Brassard
Title: Lessons for Science from the Seven Countries Study: A 35-Year Collaborative Experience in Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology, Author: Hironori Toshima
Title: International Perspectives on Accounting and Corporate Behavior, Author: Kunio Ito
Title: Meeting the Challenge of Social Problems via Agent-Based Simulation: Post-Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Agent-Based Approaches in Economic and Social Complex Systems / Edition 1, Author: T. Terano
Title: Retinal and Choroidal Vascular Changes and Systemic Diseases in Rats: Corrosion Cast and Scanning Electron Microscopy / Edition 1, Author: T. Amemiya
Title: Chemical Science of ?-Electron Systems, Author: Takeshi Akasaka
Title: Sika Deer: Biology and Management of Native and Introduced Populations / Edition 1, Author: Dale R. McCullough
Title: Stress Biology of Yeasts and Fungi: Applications for Industrial Brewing and Fermentation, Author: Hiroshi Takagi
Title: Object Recognition, Attention, and Action / Edition 1, Author: Naoyuki Osaka
Title: Hemostasis and Circulation, Author: A. Takada
Title: Lipoprotein Metabolism and Atherogenesis, Author: T. Kita
Title: Interactions of Earth's Magnetotail Plasma with the Surface, Plasma, and Magnetic Anomalies of the Moon, Author: Yuki Harada
Title: Improvement of Forest Resources for Recyclable Forest Products / Edition 1, Author: T. Ona
Title: The Prefrontal Cortex as an Executive, Emotional, and Social Brain, Author: Masataka Watanabe
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Title: Sustainable Growth and Development in a Regional Economy, Author: Tohru Naito
Title: Advances in Osteoarthritis / Edition 1, Author: Seisuke Tanaka

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