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Title: Sports Management and Sports Humanities, Author: Kazuyuki Kanosue
Title: Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm of the Pancreas, Author: Masao Tanaka
Title: Allergy Frontiers:Therapy and Prevention / Edition 1, Author: Ruby Pawankar
Title: Gasless Single-Port RoboSurgeon Surgery in Urology, Author: Kazunori Kihara
Title: Vertigo and Balance Disorders in Children, Author: Kimitaka Kaga
Title: Protection Against Ischemia/Reperfusion Damage of the Heart, Author: Yasushi Abiko
Title: Advances in Osteoarthritis / Edition 1, Author: Seisuke Tanaka
Title: Cell and Molecular Biology of Endometrial Carcinoma / Edition 1, Author: H. Kuramoto
Title: Hemostasis and Circulation, Author: A. Takada
Title: Aortopathy, Author: Koichiro Niwa
Title: Introduction to Singularities, Author: Shihoko Ishii
Title: Satoyama: The Traditional Rural Landscape of Japan, Author: K. Takeuchi
Title: New Challenges in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy / Edition 1, Author: Hisao Tajiri
Title: New Trends in Microlocal Analysis, Author: J.-M. Bony
Title: Downtown Dynamics, Author: Toshiyuki Kaneda
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Title: Lessons for Science from the Seven Countries Study: A 35-Year Collaborative Experience in Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology, Author: Hironori Toshima
Title: Serviceology for Smart Service System: Selected papers of the 3rd International Conference of Serviceology, Author: Yuriko Sawatani
Title: GIS Landslide, Author: Hiromitsu Yamagishi
Title: Struggles for Survival: Institutional and Organizational Changes in Japan's High-Tech Industries, Author: Yoshitaka Okada
Title: Physics of Soft Impact and Cratering, Author: Hiroaki Katsuragi

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