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Title: Anorthosites, Author: Lewis D. Ashwal
Title: Armleuchteralgen: Die Characeen Deutschlands, Author: Universität Rostock
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Title: Therapieresistenz bei Depressionen und bipolaren Störungen, Author: Michael Bauer
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Title: Concise Manual of Hematology and Oncology / Edition 1, Author: Dietmar P. Berger
Title: Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM): A Practical Introduction and Survival Guide / Edition 2, Author: Oleg S. Pianykh
Title: Experimentation in Software Engineering / Edition 1, Author: Claes Wohlin
Title: Decoherence: and the Quantum-To-Classical Transition / Edition 1, Author: Maximilian A. Schlosshauer
Title: Binary Quadratic Forms: An Algorithmic Approach, Author: Johannes Buchmann
Title: Kiln-Drying of Lumber, Author: R.B. Keey
Title: Basis and Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmias / Edition 1, Author: Robert E. Kass
Title: Digital Typefaces: Description and Formats, Author: Peter Karow
Title: Proofs from THE BOOK / Edition 6, Author: Martin Aigner
Title: Font Technology: Methods and Tools, Author: Peter Karow
Title: The Biology and Technology of Intelligent Autonomous Agents, Author: Luc Steels
Title: Ultrasound of the Musculoskeletal System / Edition 1, Author: Stefano Bianchi
Title: Real-Time C++: Efficient Object-Oriented and Template Microcontroller Programming, Author: Christopher Kormanyos
Title: Samii's Essentials in Neurosurgery / Edition 1, Author: Ricardo Ramina
Title: Perturbation Theory for Linear Operators / Edition 2, Author: Tosio Kato
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Title: Understanding Cryptography: A Textbook for Students and Practitioners, Author: Christof Paar
Title: Telemedicine in Dermatology / Edition 1, Author: H. Peter Soyer

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