Title: Zombie Rush: Riot: Volume 1, Author: Eric Roman
Title: Stink, Author: Chuck Messinger
Title: Twiztid Haunted High Ons: The Darkness Rises, Author: Dirk Manning
Title: Broken Gargoyles Vol. 1: Of Wrath, Author: Bob Salley
Title: Hope: Mother, Author: Dirk Manning
Title: Classic Pulp, Author: Joshua Werner
Title: We Are The Rejected, Author: Stanley Konopka
Title: The Fuhrer and the Tramp, Author: Sean McArdle
Title: Dead End Kids: The Suburban Job, Author: Frank Gogol
Title: Hollow, Author: Mick Beyers
Title: Claim: A Song of Ire and Vice, Author: Greg Wright
Title: Damned Cursed Children, Author: Howard Wong
Title: Poetry Comix, Author: Ryan M. Valentine
Title: Monstrous: Pathways to Doom, Author: Greg Wright
Title: The Eighth Immortal, Author: Jacob Murray
Title: Feast of the Dead, Author: Joshua Werner
Title: TerraQuill: Expedition One, Author: Shawn Daley
Title: Ogres, Author: Bob Salley
Title: Yuki Vs. Panda, Author: Graham Misuriak
Title: Alter Egos: Volume One, Author: David J Fielding

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