Title: Wisdom & Love - Sexy Shorts, Author: Desmond Haas
Title: In A Welsh Country Garden, Author: Yvonne Sarah Lewis
Title: Snow Day - Sexy Shorts, Author: Willa Edwards
Title: Riley Come Home, Author: Evelyn David
Title: Blue Knickers, A Spanking Short, Author: Rodney C. Johnson
Title: Leadership Shorts: Practical Tips When You Are At Wit's End, Author: Kayla Barrett
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Title: The Case of the Disappearing Dragon: A Collection of 15-Minute Mysteries, Author: Caitlind Alexander
Title: Jade O'Reilly and the Ice Queen (A Sweetwater Short Story), Author: Tamara Ward
Title: Shadow's Daughter: Flight of the Fox, Author: T.J. Perkins
Title: Three-way Kisses: 1 of 3 Happy Holiday Shorts, Author: Leslie Lee Sanders
Title: Nice: A Wanton Hussy Short, Author: H Darkside
Title: 1000 Sexy Shorts: Bedtime Stories for Adults - Volume I, Author: Kitty McFabulous
Title: South Pacific Tales: By The Seat of Your Pants, Author: Michael David
Title: Zombie Confidential, Author: Suzan Harden
Title: San Angelo, Author: M. K. Dreysen
Title: Caelin, Author: Laramie Briscoe
Title: Aine: Another Complication (Tales of the Executioners), Author: Joleene Naylor
Title: Some Dogs Talk, Author: Constance Messmer
Title: Praise Worthy, Author: Gerard Paul
Title: Veyron Swift und die drei Dolche, Author: Tobias Fischer

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