Title: The Second World War in Europe: Second Edition, Author: S.P. Mackenzie
Title: English Catholicism 1558-1642, Author: Alan Dures
Title: Family and Kinship in England 1450-1800 / Edition 2, Author: Will Coster
Title: The Glorious Revolution / Edition 2, Author: John Miller
Title: Germany from Defeat to Partition, 1945-1963, Author: D.G. Williamson
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Title: Philip II / Edition 1, Author: Geoffrey Woodward
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Title: France 1870-1914 / Edition 2, Author: Robert Gildea
Title: A History of Colonial Latin America from First Encounters to Independence, Author: Susan Elizabeth Ramírez
Title: Intelligence and Espionage: Secrets and Spies / Edition 1, Author: Daniel W.B. Lomas
Title: The Scramble for Africa, Author: M. E. Chamberlain
Title: The Abolition of Serfdom in Russia: 1762-1907 / Edition 1, Author: David Moon
Title: Gladstone, Disraeli and Later Victorian Politics / Edition 3, Author: Paul Adelman
Title: The French Revolution 1787-1804, Author: P.M. Jones
Title: Immigration in American History, Author: Kristen L. Anderson
Title: Elizabethan Parliaments 1559-1601 / Edition 2, Author: Michael A.R. Graves
Title: Britain and Europe since 1945 / Edition 1, Author: Alex May
Title: Germany from Defeat to Partition, 1945-1963, Author: D.G. Williamson
Title: South Africa: The Rise and Fall of Apartheid / Edition 3, Author: Nancy Clark
Title: Japan in Transformation, 1945-2020, Author: Jeff Kingston
Title: The Crusades, 1095-1204 / Edition 2, Author: Jonathan Phillips

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