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Title: Late Lowland Maya Civilization: Classic to Postclassic, Author: Jeremy A. Sabloff
Title: The Psychology of Women under Patriarchy, Author: Holly F. Mathews
Title: Disturbing Bodies: Perspectives on Forensic Anthropology, Author: Zoë Crossland
Title: Muslim Youth and the 9/11 Generation, Author: Adeline Masquelier
Title: The Empire of Things: Regimes of Value and Material Culture, Author: Fred R. Myers
Title: Keystone Nations: Indigenous Peoples and Salmon across the North Pacific, Author: Benedict J. Colombi
Title: Things in Motion: Object Itineraries in Anthropological Practice, Author: Rosemary A. Joyce
Title: Other Intentions: Cultural Contexts and the Attribution of Inner States, Author: Lawrence Rosen
Title: Childhood: Origins, Evolution, and Implications, Author: Courtney L. Meehan
Title: Gray Areas: Ethnographic Encounters with Nursing Home Culture, Author: Phillip B. Stafford
Title: Tikal: Dynasties, Foreigners, and Affairs of State: Advancing Maya Archaeology, Author: Jeremy A. Sabloff
Title: Global Health in Times of Violence, Author: Barbara Rylko-Bauer
Title: Shipwreck Anthropology, Author: Richard A. Gould
Title: Artisans and Advocacy in the Global Market: Walking the Heart Path, Author: Jeanne Simonelli
Title: Last Hunters, First Farmers: New Perspectives on the Prehistoric Transition to Agriculture, Author: T. Douglas Price
Title: The Classic Maya Collapse, Author: T. Patrick Culbert
Title: Memory Work: Archaeologies of Material Practices, Author: Barbara J. Mills
Title: The Shape of Script: How and Why Writing Systems Change, Author: Stephen D. Houston
Title: The Archaeology of Colonial Encounters: Comparative Perspectives, Author: Gil J. Stein
Title: The Seductions of Community: Emancipations, Oppressions, Quandaries, Author: Gerald W. Creed

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